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Alissa Crandall

About Alissa:

Alissa Crandall was born and raised in Northern California and moved to Alaska in 1977. She has traveled worldwide, from Africa to Antarctica, and her photos have appeared in everything from note cards and calendars to magazines and books. Alissa specializes in wildlife and is particularly interested in showing motion and emotion in her images.

A Favorite Place:

St. Paul Island, Alaska

One of the Pribilof Islands in the Bering Sea, St. Paul is one of the best places in the world to photograph puffins. Here you can shoot puffins from land in close proximity. As the puffins fly in and out of the cliffs, you can gradually work your way close enough to be able to get tight shots with long lenses without disturbing the wildlife. Arctic fox, fur seals, sea lions & many varieties of birds are found on St. Paul. Summer months provide the best opportunities to photograph, though the weather can be poor any time of year. Always take good rain protection for both you and your camera gear!


Alissa Crandall Photography

All images are custom printed quality prints. Print sizes not currently in stock (special orders) will take 2 to four weeks to be printed. Images will be printed full frame unless otherwise requested.
Prices/sizes for print only. Photos will be shipped flat and insured (see shipping information on order form).

  • 7 x 10" (or 8 x 10") $ 35.00
  • 10 x 14" (or 11 x 14") $50.00
  • 14 x 20" (or 16 x 20") $75.00


Eagle Sunrise


Not Tonight I have a Headache

Eagle Sunrise

Sunrise and bald eagle taken in April in Homer, Alaska. (14 x 20" in stock)


Not Tonight, I have a Headache

Male bull walrus on Round Island, Alaska. (10 x 14" in stock)


  Tusk, tusk

Lean on Me

Mother and cub tenderly lean on each other on the coast of Katmai National Park. (8x10" signed print only) Special price $20


Tusk, tusk

Two walrus click tusks at Round Island, Alaska. (11.5" x 19" in stock)

Frolicking Moose


Coyote Sunset

Frolicking Moose

Young bull moose running through Wonder Lake, Denali National Park, Alaska. (special order)


Coyote Sunset

A coyote walks along a snowbank at dusk near the Alaska Highway in Yukon, Canada. (special order)

Also available in stock (not shown):

  • Anchorage by Night, 10 x 14" vertical;

  • Three Dark Harbor 22' sailboats, 11 x 14" horizontal;

  • Hong Kong street scene at night, 11 x 14" horizontal;

  • Otter recovering from oil spill, 10 x 14".

Other images are also available, email your request for subject matter.

Stock Photography

Alissa's photos are available for brochure use and other commercial purposes. (All photos are copyrighted and none may be used without her permission). Her files include images from Alaska, Africa, Antarctica, Borneo, Galapagos and more. Please feel free to e-mail a submission request or to ask for Alissa's stock photo list & publication credits.


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IMPORTANT NOTICE: All photos used in our products and in our web site are copyrighted by the individual photographers and may not be used without permission for any purposes, even personal uses. We can put you in touch with the photographers if you are interested in purchasing usage rights.


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