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Last Train to Nowhere ™

These three engines can be found rusting away on the shores of the Bering Sea near Nome, Alaska. At one time they ran on the New York City elevated before being transported to Nome for the Gold Rush about 100 years ago. When photographer Edward Bovy happened upon the trains the light was poor, but as he set up the sky opened for just a few moments, allowing him to take this image while laying on his stomach to avoid the strong winds. Poster comes with a short story on the history of the train cars.

Lithographic Posters (Con't...)

All high quality lithographic posters are suitable for framing and are shipped first class in sturdy mailing tubes. We recommend mounting posters before framing for the longest-lasting and best-looking results.

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Eagle Sunrise

Friends of the Musk Ox

Alissa Crandall photographed these yearling musk ox as they were being readied for transport to several zoos. The lineup is part of their defensive posture. Truly prehistoric looking animals! Black and white.

16 x 20 inches. $12.00.


Eagle Sunrise

Released for the Alaska Center for the Environment, Alissa Crandalls' image was taken near Homer, Alaska at sunrise.

18 x 24 inches. $12.00.

Anchorage by Night


Morning Flight

Anchorage by Night

Alissa Crandalls' first poster release shows Anchorage, Alaska at midnight in late May with both the sunset and a crescent moon above the Alaska range.

16 x 24 inches. $12.00.


Morning Flight

This Alissa Crandall photograph was made into a poster by the Alaska Department of Fish and Wildlife. Quantities are very limited.

16 x 32 inches. $15.00.


Chair and Wallpaper

Alissa Crandall took this striking black and white image in the attic of her great grandfather's house in Maine, which had sat empty for 32 years.

16 x 20 inches. $12.00.


Bear and Salmon

This dramatic James Thompson photograph shows grizzly ready to snap his jaws around an Alaska salmon. Hurry, almost sold out.

20 x 24. $12.00.


IMPORTANT NOTICE: All photos used in our products and in our web site are copyrighted by the individual photographers and may not be used without permission for any purposes, even personal uses. We can put you in touch with the photographers if you are interested in purchasing usage rights.


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