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"Glaciers, mountains, rivers, forests, tundra: a landscape rich with places that have never felt the tread of human feet, and it thrills me not because I could break first ground, because such ground remains unbroken."

- Kim Heacox
In Denal


Alaska Books (Cont.)

The Adventures of Apun the Arctic Fox
Text by Liz O'Connell

Illustrator Kristin Link

Apun ventures out of her burrow in April when snow still blankets the Arctic. This Arctic fox explores the ever-changing environment. What will she encounter? This is the first pop-up book situated in Alaska and illustrated by an Alaskan artist.

8.5 x 11 inches, 16 pages, pop-up book.  
Softcover, pop-up $24. WEB SPECIAL $20.


Bear Story:
A Rhyme from A to Zzzz's

By Joy Martin
Illustrator Shannon Cartwright

Follow the adventures of a mother grizzly and her two mischievous cubs as they awaken from their winter den. They explore their surroundings throughout the seasons, finally returning to den for another winter's sleep with mom. Told in 26 rhyming verses, presented in alphabetical order. Each rhyme is shown in print and school script. Perfect for home schooling.

Board book, 6.75 x 5 inches, 26 pages $9.95.


Alaska's Animals, You and I
By Shannon Cartwright

Illustrator Shannon Cartwright

Alaska's Animals shows how various animals are different, comparing things like noses, feet, tails and dwellings with colorful, detailed and clever close-up compositions. All illustrations are accompanied by Shannon Cartwright's lyrical verses that roll of your tongue while reading it aloud. The book stands on its own, but the underlying theme uses Alaska's animals to introduce the concept of diversity in an entertaining subtle way. Recently news reports estimated 20 percent of US households speak a language other than English at home, so her message becomes more important every day. A surprise ending extends her message to a worldwide application.

8.5 x 11 inches, 32 pages.  
Softcover $11.95.


Ol' 556:
Alaska's Mighty Steam Engine

By Shannon Cartwright
Illustrator Shannon Cartwright

Ol' 556 celebrates the Alaska Railroad's early days when courageous men and powerful steam engines battled nature to keep the line open. In the late 1940's, the steam engines were gradually replaced by the new diesel-electric locomotives, but Ol' 556 comes back to life to save the passengers from a horrible fate in this dramatic tale that will thrill boys and girls alike. Also includes a wealth of historic photos and other educational information sure to please train buffs and hobbiests. Shannon is one of Alaska's most popular childrens book illustrators and rides the Alaska Railroad to reach her cabin in the woods. She talked to many Alaska trainmen while gathering material for this unique book.

8.5 x 11 inches, 44 pages.  
Softcover $11.95. Hardcover $16.95.


Train Story
by Shannon Cartwright

Rhyming verses tell about a magical train ride on the Alaska Railroad. Brightly illustrated animals are the passengers and crew and wave to the Alaska wildlife seen out of the windows. For ages 2-6.

5.5 x 6.5 inches, 26 pages. Board book $9.95.


Alaska 1 2 3
Colors and Numbers

Learn your colors and numbers from 1 to 12 in this delightful children's board-style book. Bright, whimsical illustrations of bears, moose, ravens, caribou and other animals by one of Alaska's most popular artists keep youngsters interested in learning. By Shannon Cartwright.

5 x 6 inches, 26 pages. Board book $9.95.


Alaska's ABC Bears
by Shannon Cartwright

The antics of Alaska's three bears - polar, black and grizzly, help teach the alphabet from A to Z. Both capital and small letters are included. Shannon is one of Alaska's most popular childrens book illustrators.

5 x 6 inches, 26 pages. Board book $9.95.


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