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"Glaciers, mountains, rivers, forests, tundra: a landscape rich with places that have never felt the tread of human feet, and it thrills me not because I could break first ground, because such ground remains unbroken."

 - Kim Heacox
In Denali


Alaska Books



Revised - Now in full color throughout!

Denali National Park:
Guide to Hiking, Photography & Camping
by Ike Waits

The complete park "insider's guide" to dayhiking, backpacking, photography and camping in Alaska's top tourist destination. "Get off the bus!" is the author's best advice for your visit to Denali National Park. Detailed descriptions, hiking maps, photo tips, contact info, & bibliography for trips ranging from 30 minutes to a week. Now includes 3 hikes in Denali State Park.

6 x 9 inches, 264 pages. Softcover Revised 2015 - 4th Edition $34.95. Special price here $29.95


Icons of the Iditarod
by Jeff Schultz and Tricia Brown

More than a coffee table book, Tricia Brown's text educates and informs with exciting stories surrounding the people, places, dogs and events in "The Last Great Race." Photography by official race photographer Jeff Schultz.

11 x 9.5 inches, 144 pages. 
Deluxe Softcover $34.95.


Chasing Dogs
by Jeff Schultz

A backstage tour of the Iditarod with stories and photos illustrating what it takes to prpare for and participate in "The Last Great Race." Text and photography by official race photographer Jeff Schultz.

11 x 9.5 inches, 168 pages. Softcover $29.95.


The Native People of Alaska

Named as one of Alaska's 67 best history books of all time!

New and expanded 5th edition. The only book that tells how the six major groups of Alaska's Native people survived in one of the most challenging environments on earth for 200 generations, long before the arrival of modern technology. Topics include traditional housing, dress, food, social systems, beliefs, and much, much more. Now used and colleges and universities around the country, this is the one book to get that gives you the entire story in one easy-to-read volume. Publisher's best seller, kept in print continuously for 20 years. Author: Steve J. Langdon.

NEW - 5th edition, 9.25 x 6.125 inches, 176 pages, 60 photos, 8 maps, 26 illustrations. Softcover $12.95.


Chugach State Park
Alaska's Backyard Wilderness

Award-winning photographer Carl Battreall spent 13 months discovering the back-country of the third largest state park in America. The result is a stunning collection of images that will surprise and amaze all who explore the pages of this book. Chugach State Park is much beloved by the local community and is considered a "crown Jewel" of the Alaska State Park system. The heartfelt text written by well-known Alaska nature writer Bill Sherwonit discusses the many moods of the park throughout the seasons.

11.75 x 9 inches, 96 pages. Softcover $19.95. Web special $9.95.


A Native Lad: Benny Benson Tells Alaska's Story

by Sarah Hurst

Alaska's history as you've never seen it before. Illustrated by nine accomplished Alaska artists in graphic novel style. Benny Benson, the designer of Alaska's flag, travels in time to meet a modern day high school student. He explains the Alaska Purchase, the statehood movement, the discovery of oil on the north slope, and a whole lot more. For grades 7 to adult. Forty pages of supplemental notes explain each scene and provide questions for research or group discussion.

9 x 11.5 inches, 148 pages, with more than 100 full page black and white illustrations, Softcover $19.95. Web special $9.95.


Finding Alaska:
The Life and Art of Shannon Cartwright

Finding Alaska brings Shannon Cartwrights unique story to light as she discovers what makes Alaska special. One of the most popular Alaskan illustrators of all time Shannon has more than 1.5 million childrens books in print. She has been living a truly Alaskan life in a remote cabin without plumbing and far from any road as she developed her artistic talents. Finding Alaska includes her personal comments on the development of each of her 23 previous books as well as some previously unpublished artwork.

8.5 x 11.5 inches, 80 pages. Hardcover $19.95.

This is a must read! - Here's a review by Darla L. Grediagin (Librarian, Alaska) - "I loved this book from the moment I opened it. I have seen all of the books that were illustrated by Ms. Cartwright. Getting the background story of her life and artwork that hadn't been previously seen was an unexpected bonus. This book has been a winner with everyone I shared it with."


Field Guide to Alaskan Wildflowers
by Verna E. Pratt

This introductory field guide covers the most commonly seen wildflowers along the Alaska highway system. Approximately 240 species are color coded to speed identification and are accompanied by descriptive text that includes comments on blooming time and habitat. Traditional best seller, reprinted 22 times!

15.875 x 8.875 inches, 136 pages, with more than 200 color photos. 
Softcover $15.95.


Wildflowers of Denali National Park
and Interior Alaska

By Verna and Frank Pratt

This introductory field guide covers the most commonly seen wildflowers along the park roads and throughout much of Interior Alaska. More than 200 species of flowers, trees, mosses, mushrooms and lichens are color coded to speed identification. Notes and checklists for specific geographic areas within the park are extremely helpful for those with limited time to spend in the park.

5.875 x 8.875 inches, 172 pages, with more than 410 color photos. 
Softcover $15.95.


Wildflowers Along the Alaska Highway from Dawson Creek, BC to Fairbanks, Alaska
by Verna E. Pratt

An introductory guide to the most common wildflowers and trees found along the Alaska Highway. Text includes comments on blooming time and habitat. Photos are organized by color to speed identification. Supplemental checklists divided into five 300-mile segments along the highway

5.75 x 8.75 inches, 240 pages, with more than 490 color photos. 
Softcover $19.95.


Alaskas Wild Berries
and Berry-Like Fruit

By Verna E. Pratt

An easy-to-use pocket guide to help you to quickly and safely identify Alaskas wild berries from Ketchikan to Barrow. Full color photographs of both flowers and berries. Text is color coded to speed identification and includes both edible and poisonous varieties. Great for home cooking too.

5.75 x 4.375 inches, 128 pages, with more than 100 full color photos.  
Softcover $9.95.


Wildflower Coloring Book
for the young artist

by Verna E. Pratt

This introductory coloring book is an entertaining and inexpensive way to help young children learn about wildflowers. Right hand pages have flower outlines to color; facing pages have informative plant descriptions and extra space for creative coloring.

8.5 x 11 inches, 48 pages, with 20 black-and-white illustrations to color.  
Softcover $6.00.


Denali After 50 Years
By Ron and Nancy Sanford

International wildlife photographers Ron and Nancy Sanford have been visiting and photographing Denali National Park for 50 years. "D50" offers a welcome prelude to celebrating the park's 100th anniversary in 2017 and features 143 of their favorite photographs, all of which were taken along the park road to Kantishna. Text includes their favorite techniques for navigating the park transportation system and tips for improving your photography in the park.

8 x 11.5 inches, 80 pages, 143 photos. Softcover $19.95. Web special $9.95.

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