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A client saw my Northern Light calendar hanging on the wall. He wanted it so much I had to let him have it. Can you send me 3 more?

- W.B.

My daughter gave me this calendar last year. I don't even like calendars, but yours is the best I've ever seen

- E.P.

Yours must be one of the finest calendars offered in North America. Keep up your high quality reproductions

- D.T.
Solon Springs, Wisconsin

I recently ordered two
calendars from you.  The postal employee put the package in our yard and with our dog, the rest is history, dogshredding!

- D.W.
Riverside, California

Alaska Photography Calendars

Alaska's most beautiful calendars.
The finest distinctively Alaskan precision-crafted time management tools. Updated annually!

2018 calendars are available for sale, but we only have a few left!

A perenial favorite!

Northern Light:
Alaska Wildlife & Wilderness 2018

Our premier publication has been continuously published for 32 years and features outstanding photos of Alaska wildlife and landscapes by Alaska's top photographers.

The 2018 edition includes northern lights, moose, polar bear, glaciers, whale, otter, grizzly bear, Mount Denali and more. Wildlife illustrations by Teresa Ascone on each month complement the photos. All this plus a poster with the year 2019. and the names of the months in the Native languages (with translations).

Photos are printed on heavy stock paper and designed to be framed after use.
10 x 13.5 inches in horizontal grid. 33rd edition.
$12.95 each - Sorry, sold out!


Denali National Park

Denali Wildlife & Wilderness Calendar 2018

Denali National Park is one of the most visited places in Alaska for a reason - wildlife! Now you can experience Denali all year long in this wildlife and wilderness calendar. Features 12 outstanding photos moose, grizzly bear, fox, Dall sheep, Wonder Lake and more. Each month our Denali Nature Notes explain what is happening with the park plants and animals. Grid pages include 12 bonus photos. Each month our Denali Nature Notes explain what is happening with the park plants and animals. Grid pages with 12 extra photos.

Large wall size format and matte paper stock for easy writing. 
10 x 13.5 inches in horizontal grid. 25th edition.

$12.95 each - Order now, we only have a few left!


Alaska's Northern Lights

Aurora 2018: Alaska's Northern Lights

This 2018 calendar includes northern lights pictured over a variety of locations throughout Alaska, plus a final poster with the first half of 2019 the finest aurora images we can find from Alaskas hardest working nightsky photographers.

Large wall size format and matte paper stock for easy writing. 
10 x 13.5 inches in horizontal grid. 11th edition.

$12.95 each - Sorry, sold out!


The Alaska Engagement Calendar and Alaska Time been combined!

Alaska Time 2018 Engagement Calendar

Our 23nd edition features outstanding scenic and wildlife photos by our statewide photo team. Photos include horizontals, and verticals, one photo per week. Includes quotations from noted philosophers, conservationists and naturalists. Superb quality absolutely sure to please even the most discriminating buyer.(Alaska Time and the original Alaska Engagement Calendar have been combined into one, retaining the Alaska Time title.)

Spiral bound, 112 pages, 9 x 6.5 inches.
$12.95 - Just a few left!


Check this out!

Alaska Pocket Checkbook Calendar 2018

An Alaska calendar for your pocket, checkbook or purse. Panoramic wildlife and wilderness photos. Monthly grids large enough to write in, extra pages for notes, and full year calendar grid.

Comes packaged in a convenient clear duplicate checkbook cover! 
3 x 6 inches in horizontal grid.
$5.95 each. SORRY, SOLD OUT!
See order form for lower shipping if this is the only item you're ordering!


Never goes out of date!

Alaska Birthday Calendar (Perpetual)

Back by popular demand... the perfect way to keep track of those all important birthdays, anniversaries, and other reoccurring family events. After you cycle through a year, flip the cover and start again. Alaska wildlife photos by Alissa Crandall. Just reprinted with many new photos.

Stop recopying dates year after year - do it once and have a permanent record. 
3.75 x 13.75 inches vertical, one photo per page, spiral bound.
$11.95 each. Newly revised 2015.


IMPORTANT NOTICE: All photos used in our products and in our web site are copyrighted by the individual photographers and may not be used without permission for any purposes, even personal uses. We can put you in touch with the photographers if you are interested in purchasing usage rights.


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